Claire and Luke’s Trend-Setting Tynemouth & Wylam Wedding

Another highlight of 2019 was getting to dress my first wedding at Newcastle’s Wylam Brewery for our friends Claire and Luke. Located in the old Palace of the Arts in Exhibition Park, this venue has quickly become one of the coolest places in the city for a stunning wedding that promises an amazing night (I can tell you first hand!).



wylam-brewery-flowers-ant-tranIMG_1209 2

wylam-brewery-flowers-ant-tranIMG_1214 wylam-brewery-flowers-ant-tranIMG_1238 2 wylam-brewery-flowers-ant-tranIMG_1239 wylam-brewery-flowers-ant-tranIMG_1240

Before getting to the reception venue we of course had the pleasure of creating the bouquets and buttonholes for Claire and Luke and then delivering ready for their church ceremony in Tynemouth. The couple chose a palette of soft blush pinks and greys for a romantic and whimsical feel. Claire’s dad grows dahlia in his garden so we added some pops of pink Wizard of Oz and Cafe au Lait dahlia to the bouquets as well as garden roses and blush astilbe with the grey-green tones of eucalyptus.

wylam-brewery-flowers-ant-tranIMG_1215 wylam-brewery-flowers-ant-tranIMG_1216 wylam-brewery-flowers-ant-tranIMG_1217 2

It was a perfect day (despite the wind!) and, as you can see from these images by Ant Tran, the couple look so happy all day long.

wylam-brewery-flowers-ant-tranIMG_1218 2 wylam-brewery-flowers-ant-tran82827533_10103488674650200_2383032681148448768_o


wylam-brewery-flowers-ant-tran82317561_10103488681251970_4737527812875878400_o wylam-brewery-flowers-ant-tran81969435_10103488668796930_7896893871638970368_o wylam-brewery-flowers-ant-tran81950334_10103488673193120_1848715346249252864_o

At Wylam Brewery we designed table centres around the couple’s blush colour scheme with pops of bright pink added in for contrast – all working brilliantly with the giant balloons from Balloonilicious and the minimalist stationery designed by the groom himself.

wylam-brewery-flowers-ant-tranIMG_1219 2 wylam-brewery-flowers-ant-tranIMG_1227 wylam-brewery-flowers-ant-tranIMG_1225 2

If you would like more information about styling your Newcastle Wylam Brewery wedding just get in touch here

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